There is a cluster of servers that together form the cloud. In cloud web hosting, your website is based on a group of cloud servers that cater to the needs. There are several servers that are working as the source of your website. The security is not compromised as stringent rules are being followed. There is also multiple hardware availability so that higher volumes of data can be stored and uploaded without any glitch. The best part about the cloud web hosting is that, there is no need to worry about server speed and hardware spaces if you have outgrown your current shared host. The hardware and multiple server availability makes it easy for your website to cater to huge traffic and allows transfer of data to and fro. The multiple severs increase the uptime of the website and make it highly competitive. Cloud web hosting unlike shared server hosting gives you the opportunity to add servers and hardware with the growth of your website without any limitations and restrictions.


They are most commonly known as virtual dedicated servers. They are based on cloud computing and do not require a centrally installed software to function. The security and stability of such servers are high as they are isolated from the surrounding environment. There is no sharing and thus the exclusive nature of the servers make it a perfect secure network. If a website is looking for a dedicated server than a cloud server is the best option because it is way more compatible with all kinds of hardware and it is very economical. Adding upgrades is very easy on the cloud servers and thus this makes it a very popular option for all the growing websites. These cloud servers have the best ration of service provided to cost and this is the reason they are the most preferred form of servers when businesses are looking for dedicated servers.


It is the parent technology. It is based on a group of servers that are used to provide addition storage or server facility as per the requirements and demands of eth consuemrs. It uses the technology of cloud computing. It allows business to have access to various management related software, storage space, servers, and other IT infrastructure facility with out actually having to go through the trouble of maintenance.

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